StumbleUpon is Growing...Fast!

by Scott Bartell on

StumbleUpon is growing fast. This graph (from Compete) compares StumbleUpon’s traffic with Twitter and Reddit to help illustrate StumbuleUpon’s much higher growth rate. In August 2011 Compete reports that StumbleUpon had 6.7 million unique visitors. In September 2011 Compete reports 12.5 million unique visitors... a 187% increase in traffic! For a better illustration see the picture below:

StumbleUpon's Unique Visitors and Growth Rate Graph

Is StumbleUpon going to be the next big social media platform?

I don’t think so but with a traffic increase this dramatic it might be worth a deeper look. StumbleUpon released an InfoGraphic explaining how their platform was better than every other social media platform including both Facebook and Twitter. But I’m not to sure that StumbleUpon provided us with all of the important data. What do you think?